The Takeover
November, 2016

…or how to take over a DJ set with your beer bottle

What’s the story

– Heineken has long been involved in music events around the world and consistently strives to enhance the fan experience.

– Based on music fans’ widespread desire to actively participate in the events they attend, Heineken wanted to pass control over to the fans themselves – they called this idea The Takeover.

To stand out we felt it was time to do things differently

– At Heineken concerts around the world, fans were given the ability to choose one of two songs displayed on a large screen. By placing the wristband provided onto their Heineken bottle, fans consequently transformed their drinks into a voting device.

– With each song on the screen represented by a different color, fans simply had to raise their bottle, which was in turn registered by highly-sensitive detection cameras and translated real-time into on-screen votes.

– The song with the most votes when the timer finished was then mixed into the set, allowing fans to dance along to their favorite hits.


– Media exposure +110%

– Sales on site +240%

– Event attendance +40%

Why we liked it

– Heineken successfully managed to boost fan engagement at live-music events with this innovative tech-based campaign based on four simple insights about the desires of music fans.

– Not only did fan participation increase, but this campaign also ensured that Heineken had high level visibility thanks to the incorporation of the product itself in the activation.

(Heineken; Netherlands)

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