The Super Bowl Dunk
November, 2016

…or how to Gatorade dunk millions of fans

What’s the story

– The Gatorade dunk is an American sports tradition that involves players throwing a cooler full of Gatorade over the head of their coach following a big win, like the Super Bowl.

– This tradition is only experienced by a select few so earlier this year for Super Bowl 50, Gatorade wanted to let fans experience the tradition themselves.

One of the most innovative Super Bowl ads this year didn’t run on TV.”

– Gatorade created an augmented reality experience for consumers by creating a sponsored lens on Snapchat.

– Gatorade’s animated filter on Snapchat allowed users to dunk a virtual Gatorade cooler over their video selfies. Snapchat users were then able to save the animation and share it on social media with friends.

– The brand encouraged fans to share their dunk moments across all social media platforms using #GatoradeDunk.


– 165 million total Snapchat dunk views – that’s more than the 115 million who tuned into the game

– 8 million user generated videos

– Biggest ad of the Super Bowl – and it never even appeared on TV

Why we liked it

– Great example of relevant partnership with a social channel that allowed the brand to showcase an iconic moment and let consumers engage with it.

– Snapchat has become an effective way to reach millennial consumers, so it was interesting to see how brands like Gatorade used it during the Super Bowl.


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