The Bullet Hole Transplant
November, 2016

…or how to give hope to a community in need 

What’s the story

– 2016 has been a difficult year for Chicago with gun crime a daily reality.

– Shockingly, this year 93 murder victims were 19 or younger. No neighbourhood is hit as hard by that violence as West Garfield Park, where the charitable organization Off The Street Club operates, providing “safety, education and encouragement to 3,000 children growing up in Chicago’s most violent neighbourhood.”

Because I was at the Off the Street Club I didn’t get hurt by this bullet

– Recently the club’s bullet proof windows were hit by gunfire. They decided to use this violence to show the world that there is still hope in West Garfield Park.

– The real bullet hole was carefully removed from the pane of glass and taken out of the window frame in the club and transplanted into one of Chicago’s most iconic buildings as part of a larger “Hope Is Tougher” campaign.

– The display encourages viewers to visit on their smart phones, where they will learn the story of Warren, a 14-year-old resident of West Garfield Park who relies on Off The Street Club.


– The installation is in the center of the city and will garner thousands of impressions from daily passersby. It will be interesting to see if this exposure translates into direct donations to the charity. One to watch!

Why we liked it

– The campaign draws attention to the larger “Hope Is Tougher” effort and gives a voice to the children of Chicago that would not have been heard.

– Off the Street Club and Energy BBDO effectively transformed an act of violence into an empowering message of hope.

(Energy BBDO; USA)

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