Speak like the Patrón
November, 2016

…or how to use TV characters to teach fans a new language

What’s the story

– Narcos, one of Netflix’s most popular series, caused a stir around the world during its first season.

– Social media in particular was used by fans to share words and phrases from the show, along with their thoughts and opinions.

– To promote the release of the second season, Netflix capitalised on fans’ interest in the Spanish vocabulary used by the show’s characters to help Narcos enthusiasts get to grips with the jargon.

A fascinating tool to learn the fundamentals of the Patrón’s mother tongue”

– Netflix collaborated with Babbel, a leading app for language learners, that has over 1 million users worldwide to create a Narcos-inspired Spanish lesson platform.

– The lessons contained a variety of language exercises, featuring the show’s characters whenever appropriate as ‘teachers’


– Media coverage: > 1 billion worldwide

– Social reach: > 32 million

– App users: > 112,000

– > 1.5 million viewers of new series on opening weekend

Why we liked it

– This was a very shrewd partnership that further galvanized interest around the release of the second season, tapping into fans’ curiosity about the colloquial words and phrases used by the Narcos characters.

– The incorporation of the series’ protagonists into the app’s exercises helped stimulate users’ enthusiasm for language learning.

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