November, 2016

…or how to create a frenzy around a pair of trainers

What’s the story

– Adidas needed to create some buzz around the launch of their NMD trainers in Russia.

– They decided to hide 82 pairs of trainers around the city of Moscow and then live-streamed the shoes on YouTube for people to find.

– If people were able to locate the trainers featured in the live-stream, they could keep them as their own.

“I haven’t slept in three days because of this”

– The people of Moscow began to frantically search the streets for pairs of NMD trainers, with some willing to go to extreme lengths to get their hands on the highly sought-after footwear.

– Adidas successfully managed to put the NMD trainers at the front of their Russian target audience’s minds throughout the promotion.


– 500,000 vimeo views

– 5 minute average view duration


– 10 days of non-stop live streaming (263 consecutive hours)

– 82 pairs of shoes for the 82 winners

Why we liked it

– Fashion-conscious individuals are always trying to get their hands on the latest releases. Adidas tapped into this, launching a campaign based around the simplicity of live-streaming, but to great effect.

– Thousands of people spent hour-after-after looking at nothing other than pairs of NMD shoes. Mission accomplished for Adidas.

(Friends Moscow; Russia)

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