Mega Manager
November, 2016

…or how to convince moms a toy is safe for children

What’s the story

– The New Nerf Mega Blaster toy is so huge that moms are scared to buy it for their children because it looks unsafe.

– To change this misconception, Hasbro used their bravest brand manager to demonstrate that the product was suitable for children.

– Hasbro turned their meeting room into a digital playground for a week. They then gave everyone a chance to aim and take a shot remotely through their website.

Ask your parents to take a shot at me to sure the Nerf Blaster is safe”

– As the foam darts were fired one after another, it soon became clear that they were harmless.

– The whole thing was streamed live on social media over the week, with the Nerf manager only leaving the room to sleep and to do work.

– Challenges were set for those watching on their screens and prizes were awarded to those who hit the targets.


– 5134 shots taken

– 34 minutes – average dwell time on website

– Brand managers hurt: none

Why we liked it

– Nerf came up with a playful and engaging way to demo their newest product and in the process reassure mothers that the toy was safe to use.

– The use of the manager as the central focus of the campaign gave a human element to the campaign, improving brand perception by putting the people behind the brand in the spotlight.

(Marvelous Agency; Russia)

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