Extreme Shopping
November, 2016

…or how to push shoppers to go past their limits

What’s the story

– To honor their 50th anniversary, the North Face launched a global brand campaign with “50 years of” messaging. Straplines included “50 Years of Innovation”, “50 years of Madness” and “50 years of Exploration”.

– The North Face is the number one outdoor brand in Korea. To celebrate, they set up a pop-up store, offering free jackets to those who were willing to complete an extreme shopping challenge.

Can I help you with your shopping

– Shoppers were asked if they needed help with their shopping. If they answered “Yes”, suddenly, the blue sky outside and zip-line were unveiled.

– In order to claim a complimentary jacket, consumers had to zip-line a distance of 200 meters and punch themselves through a paper target.

– While nerves can be seen on the faces of the shoppers, after successfully completing the zip-line, people were left with a smile and a story to tell from the exhilarating experience.


– 3.8 million YouTube views

– Over 5 million shares on social media

Why we liked it

– When it comes to brand experiences the North Face dares to go to the max. This pop up event in Korea ties in with the wider global brand campaign effectively communicating the same messaging and creating buzz.

– This kind of marketing fits into a theme that pushes consumers to prove themselves worthy of purchasing the brand’s products.

(INNORED; Korea)

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